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Transmuting in the Darkeness to The Divine Falcon

We are the Women. We are the Healers  We have come to lighten the Darkness it is lightened . We have overcome the Destroyers . We are there for those who weep. Who hide their faces . Who Sunk Down. They looked upon us then . We are the Women , We are the healer. .



Consciousness Queemn Mother

Ghylian Bell founder and director of The Urban Yoga Foundation began her yoga journey in New York practicing the Asthanga tradition in 1994 with Eddie Stern at Yoga Shambala. Bell moved on to the ISTHA practice with Allan Finger, Heart Of Yoga practice with Mark Whitwell and also trained with Maju Jois son of Patabbi Jois. When introduced to the teaching methods of Tao Porch Lynch and Kemetic yoga teacher Yiser Ra Hotep Bell deepened her practice even more. With her focus now on fusing the indigenous practices of Kemetic Hatha and Tao lineages Ghylian knew that she needed to bring this knowledge forward to the communities she serves.
In November 2007, Ghylian founded the Urban Yoga Foundation, a 501c non-profit with the purpose to create yoga and mindfulness programs that specifically target the needs of students of color as well as create a platform for teachers of color to teach in their community so that communities may reclaim self -love and healing practices founded in a mindful culture. The Urban Yoga Foundation serves all who are seeking a path to wellness.



Angola Amazonia Queen

I am native Brazilian 
I started capoeira in 1985. We discovered capoeira in our village with a group of street kids. Many children like ourselves were at risk living in shanty town where violence and crimes was at our door step. When capoeira came in our lives everything changed. 
In 1988 I was invited to be part of a performing art group from south of Brazil called “Brazil ginga  show”. The company proposal to take 18 members  to promote Brazilian culture arts in London for one year. At the end of one year most members returned to Brazil, myself  and my sister stayed. 
In 1993 we stablished  our own capoeira school called “Amazonas capoeira” in London. Our capoeira school was active for 18 years with weekly classes, monthly social gathering, yearly international capoeira events. We offered capoeira to schools both primary and secondary as a way to improve children health, learning and development. We were also invited to do tv commercials , women’s magazine, Queens golden jubilee parade and more... 
In 2008 we were invited to go Uganda to work in a refugee camp of ex- child soldiers. This humanitarian work like many others was one of our mission within our Amazonas capoeira school. 
In 2010 we came across another style of capoeira called “Angola”. We were fascinating with the physical, spiritual and community aspects of it. We then closed our school “Amazonas capoeira “ and embark in a new journey in searching of capoeira Angola teachings of our ancestors  in Brazil. 
After over 30 years working with capoeira in London; the capoeira community in London and Europe gave me the recognition of a master. However I considered myself as still student of Capoeira Angola. This art form is over 500 years old, it will take a life long of learning and understanding the profound teaching of our ancestors.  
Today I am part of a capoeira family called “os angoleiros do interior” based in Paraguasu Brazil. With the guidance and mentoring of master Xandão. 
My work in London today is to introduce the art of  “capoeira Angola” as a way of life by bringing its physical, social and cultural benefits. We work in preservation and rescued of the essence and teaching of our past masters. We do this by offering capoeira programmer and events in schools and wider community in london.



Aura Talk Queen

Lebra is an intuitive person who uses her intuition to assist people through energy work  she calls Aura Talk. Aura Talk is simply connecting to and asking the body for information to reveal things that may not be able to be explained through conventional ways. It is a way to get a deeper insight into  a specific issue. During these sessions there may be a spiritual message that may arise that the client may need to be aware of that will also aid in their healing process. Lebra’s desire is to assist people to heal, emotionally, spiritually and physically in order for them to become their best self.

Her love for Interior Design allows her to also help her clients heal by connecting them to their space (which can be an extension of Aura Talk) by intuitively identifying where her client and their space needs to be aligned (this can include colors, space configuration, or a complete redesign). Her motto is: Healing Spaces…Transforming Lives.

Lebra’s clients have greatly benefitted by being open to possibilities, which allows them to discover a better understanding of themselves in order to heal.



Nature  Medecine Woman

Infinite peace love and light my name is Jaadu Love. I am an inter-disciplinary healer and a student of life. Some of my outlets for healing insist of music, art, sacred movement; Rapè which is a sacred native American tobacco use to align both hemispheres of the brain. Relaxes nervous system releases mucus and unwanted InnerG.  Cacao is a magical medicine of the earth and great spiritual tool it helps one dive deeper into their spirit while opening your heart to love, healing and community bonding. My last and favorite tool to use is Jaadu which means magic. The magic that is constantly spiraling around us can be used to uplift unify and elevate our cosmic family and so much more. I am honored and grateful to be apart of magical journey. ASÈ