"Spirituality is the golden key to connect with the Universe of Consciousness"


This is me, Nia – a woman and mother. My soul has journeyed in many different paths since I decided to visit this world. All of them have led me to get to know me better, but It was not until 6 years ago that things changed drastically when I travel back to my birth place  in Senegal.   

Along my life, I have taken a long voyage living in other countries such as New York; Paris – where I gave birth to my daughter Akhira- and London, where two beautiful projects born: my son Djibryl and my very first Montessori school. Hopefully, in 2016 I visited my birthplace in Africa to bring all the education and knowledge I acquired in Europe – I am going to change Africa! – I thought. However, overtime I realised how detached I was from my roots, the culture and wisdom of my homeland. 

Consequently, after been enlightened with all my ancestral-metaphysical science of the nature I decided to enrol myself into a deep-self-consciousness path that not only has allowed me to love myself and connect to my purpose in life but also discover my multiple missions in this Matrix : serve, create and grow a tribe of Moonwomben keen to live a life full of spirituality, self-love, connection to their inner soul in order to turn our wonderful planet into a more loving place for us, our children and all humankind. 



 “I declared as a little girl that my purpose in life is to help children and defend women . Well here I am Nia the purpose ,Yaku  the Water and Neshama the Soul and I am on a mission.”

Strong, great fashionistas, mothers and businesswomen were my family models I was inspired to follow in this life. « Limit » was a word excluded of my grow-up educational life, so I declared from childhood I will become a great and independent woman, such as my mothers and Ancestors  did.

Sounds amazing, isn´t it? well, it has not been as simple as it might look. Being an African black woman plays a big part in the story. False marketing has enhanced the fact that anything of quality ,beautiful comes in white, fair, mixed race women with blue eyes. In addition to this, the fact I grew up being called « poupette » meaning ugly in French created on me an inferiority complex that I replaced by showing a hard-working woman image.

Therefore, It has been a long time for me and most probably for many women around the world to rebuild that self-love and appreciation for ourselves. Yes, It is hard to recognise our power, to understand our purpose, to feel blessed for being woman. It takes time, but inside us has always been a light ready to be on.  

Thus, after a long consciousness journey, I dreamt to walk along ALL women in this world on every important phase in their lives: from childhood in the pursuit of independence, through the threshold when we enter from puberty to adolescence to the wonderful and miraculous of being a mother. 

Welcome to Nyanes, my dream come true. How can you be part of it? Right in the moment your soul is reading this lines waiting to awake, reconnect and live a wonderful life. 



Reconnect With Yourself

Nyanes is the force within that is ready do burst and fulfil it purpose with love , grace. Nyanes awakens in every  women the path of self rediscovery, and self reconnection  to the source of light within Each moonwomen who truly is able to hear and listen to her intuition  will elevate consciously  and spiritualy to live life according to their unique purpose as powerful MOONWOMBEN. 

Different bespoke programs I called Miracles that have been thoroughly designed for women along their paths of spirituality and consciousness

Nyanes will share with you the skills and benefits of being present, focusing your energy, and reconnecting with yourself. Most importantly to use your intuitive Divine Self to rise again . The ancestral wisdomful sciences or nature observance would be major keys to each Miracle portals . Slow down your mind, bring clarity to your thoughts, and experience personal growth and true evolution.

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